1. Mad Money
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Verse 1
In this crying town, mad money - chase it around
build the piles high, then divide them down as you spend a fortune, falling on the ground
dropping it into palm of homeless
on the hopeless streets

How money bleeds you
How money needs you

Mad money you have
all your energy
cannot set me free
oh god is this me
Mad money
mad money, noo!

Verse 2
Mad money leaks away, insurance for a rainy day
health cover for life and death , such a good look, so enticing
Low interest rate, tax increasing, bank account is freezing

Pre chorus
How money bleeds you
How money needs you

Mad Money, haha,
Everyone wants to line their pockets
Such a good look,
So enticing,
Mad money- rising!

Mad money you have,
all your energy,
cannot set me free,
oh god is this me,
Mad money,
mad money, noo!