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Rage Unfold tells your story, the Raw, the Real, the Remembered.

Rage Unfold are Virtual Metal Creators, diverse in skill, equal in passion.

Spanning 3 countries, Bulgaria, Germany, Australia, we hold promise through sound. We deliver.

Bozhidar Popov, guitars, lyrics, arrangement, production;

Siggi Schuessler, vocals;

Marie-Louise Anastas, lyrics.

By accident they converged to disperse the sound of Rage Unfold.

Stay tuned - more is coming!

new single out!

To The Kind

Rage Unfold

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This song is for people who have lost a loved one. Credits: Music & Production: Bozhidar Popov Lyrics: Marie-Lousie Anastas Vocals: Siggi Artwork: Gaea Anastas

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