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Rage Unfold tells your story, the Raw, the Real, the Remembered.

Rage Unfold are Virtual Metal Creators, diverse in skill, equal in passion.

Spanning 3 countries, Bulgaria, Germany, Australia, we hold promise through sound. We deliver.

Bozhidar Popov, guitars, lyrics, arrangement, production;

Siggi Schuessler, vocals;

Marie-Louise Anastas, lyrics.

By accident they converged to disperse the sound of Rage Unfold.

Stay tuned - more is coming!

new single out!

To The Kind

Rage Unfold

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This song is for people who have lost a loved one. Credits: Music & Production: Bozhidar Popov Lyrics: Marie-Lousie Anastas Vocals: Siggi Artwork: Gaea Anastas

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Necessary News 16, for your learned eyes.

To The Kind is out on the airways for your finely tuned ears.


1.    Hey Bozhidar, can you explain to our readers the details of the music of To The Kind? What emotions were you infusing into the song?

The music is in a different key compared to the rest of the songs, which makes it more intricate in my opinion. I felt positive emotions when I recorded  the song, despite the fact that it has a negative vibe and it’s related to the death of a loved one.


2.    Tell us about Siggi’s vocal and visual impact on the song?

Siggi is very professional and has a lot of experience in producing music and in recording vocals. He is a professionally trained vocalist, which is great for us! He managed to interpret the song quite well!


3.    Before releasing To The Kind, you submitted it to the Community of American Producers, and Siggi, for feedback. Can you tell us about your experience and how it improved the production?

It was very useful for me. This has helped me a lot, because I’ve received a very constructive, accurate and important feedback on the production. I analyzed all the info and I followed their advice, which led to better production of our song.

4.    I learnt about writing script for Kaiber AI through various on-line tutorials. Then I did it! Bozhidar then, added his and Siggi’s live video performance, cuminating in the huge job of amalgamating these elements and fine tuning the video. Can you describe how this went?

This went quite well! We did our best and Marie did a fantastic job – she managed to write a great script and then I tried to generate the “perfect” video with the help of Kaiber. Then I blended everything together and, on the whole, we produced a good video, which was a step forward.

Our goal is always to develop further!


Now to the End with lines from; To The Kind.

Grief rips me apart
Week by week, I conceal
What I can feel


Until next time….. Play on & on

Interview with Gaea Anastas

Our Art creator

We are deviating from our usual formular of interviewing Bozhidar. This time I am
interviewing artist, Gaea Anastas.
To The Kind artwork is close to completion and Bozhidar and I are very happy with the
mood it imbues. I give Gaea a rough idea of what we want and the colour scheme, lyrics and

1. Hey Gaea, can you explain to our readers how you create the artwork, (type of pencils
you use, the layering and brush work)?
Yes, for sure, firstly I conceptualise the work from the brief I have received or the ideas I
am working with. I will do a lot of visualisations and then I will start to reference Images
to guide the work. I usually start lightly with graphite and then a bold outline with micron
pens. For colour and layering I use washes of watercolour pencil with an ink pigment,
gouache and blending pencils, sometimes I will incorporate inks and acrylic as well.

2. What mood or vibe were you getting from the music and lyrics that you incorporated into
this art?
The vibe I got from reading the lyrics was a sort of torment or grief from lost love,
separation or death. It felt like someone who didn’t get to say goodbye or to make
amends and was tearing themselves apart. I incorporated a dark and lonely mood
through the use of dismal grey and blacks, with only a small portion of colour, my line
work is gestural and organic with layers of medium to create an eerie feel in the work.

3. Tell us a bit about your other artworks, murals and education?
I have a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art); Curtin University, with a Sculpture Major and Theatre
Minor. Over my career I have travelled internationally and nationally to paint murals,
worked in jewellery design and production, and produced my own clothing label, Silly
Town, which acted as a framework to create my own subculture.
Silly Town eventually evolved into its own brand of circus, where I collapsed my
disciplines of circus, clowning and visual arts, to create unfolding visual and physical
You can find me on Instagram @thesillytowncircus or @gaeaanastas

Now to the End with lines from; To The Kind.
Sweet, soft angel
Bury me deep in dark
Bury me deep in shame
Bury me deep alone
For you, I could not save
Not a day
You were taken away

Forever is never
Never is forever
And I’ll never ever gonna see you again
Until next time….. Play on & on

Necessary News 14

Necessary News 14 knocks at your door!

To The Kind is progressing along with the artwork. I am writing and searching through my lyrics for our next song. I will give Bozhidar plenty to choose from, in varying styles and themes. It will be an interesting process, as usual. I create the bones, Bozhidar creates the flesh, then a song is birthed.

1.    Hey Bozhidar, you won a competition for a short melody you wrote. Can you tell us about it?

The melody is called “Wild Ride” – it’s a rock melody. It will be used in a mobile game. I didn’t expect to win, I just try to seize every opportunity and it has paid off.


2.    You told me To The Kind is in F# minor and you haven’t used that key before.

Can you explain to me, and our readers, why you landed on this key?

I want to challenge myself and choosing a different key is always a good premise for this. Also, I like how it sounds – it is very melodic and pleasant to the ears.

What mood are you aiming to create?

It’s a minor key, so the music would predispose a sad melodic feeling. This is done on purpose in order to reinforce the majestic lyrics of the song.

Now to the End with lines from; To The Kind.

"Atmosphere holds me down

In my head I always drown"


Until next time….. Play on & on



Necessary News 13

Necessary News 13 is here, and Kill Time With You has been flying around the world for a month, feeding your souls and minds with the power of music by Rage Unfold.

  • Hey Bozhidar, our next song is To The Kind. Together we wrote the lyrics on this deep emotional song of loss. Tell us about the music and the mood you developed through the music and words?

The music will be epic! Heavy riffs glued into a strong melody to emphasize the feeling of inner gloom. The lyrics will be also very strong and will contribute a lot to the overall production of the song.


  • What qualities will Siggi’s vocals bring to this song?

I hope that he will deliver quite powerful and emotional vocals to enhance the effect that we are all aiming for – emotional, passionate and super strong song!


  • We plan to use AI for the creation of a video for To The Kind. What did you learn from the last video and how will you do it differently?

I will try to generate a better video production with the script that Marie-Louise will write. Hopefully I’ll be able to record myself, playing the song and I’ll ask Siggi to do the same. My idea is to combine our videos with the AI generated video and to produce a better material for our upcoming song. Our goal is always to improve and evolve as producers, songwriters and lyricists! 



Now to the End with lines from; To The Kind:

"All unspoken, 

All unsaid

Locked in ruins of time

Grief rips me apart 

Piece by piece I slowly die

Into the void I cry"


Until next time….. Play on & on

Kill Time With You!

Necessary News 12

Welcome, friends of Rage Unfold and Happy New Year; 2024!
Necessary News 12 brings you the long awaited, Kill Time With You!
It has been a while in the making which worked to benefit the song, allowing addition of
acoustic guitar, a new vocalist and an AI video.
Cover Artwork began in September. Gaea was given Kill Time With You lyrics and the
instrumental for her artistic interpretation. We are very happy with the result.

Hey Bozhidar, now for your experience on the creation of Kill Time With You.
1. Can you explain to our Rage Unfold friends the complex musical elements of this song
and the feelings that emerged in you?

The whole production consists of 62 separate layers of multitracks, which is a lot. A lot of
hours were spent on editing and aligning everything, so the whole song is quite complex.
There’s that feeling of ease that is emerging throughout the song. For me it’s a quite melodic
musical piece.

2. Siggi is our new vocalist. Can you fill us in on what vocal qualities led to your choice and
a little more about him?
His vocal range is very impressive. He has a lot of years of experience both in
singing/performing and in music production, so he was the best choice for us. He is also very
disciplined... Siggi is a real pro!

3. AI created the video, with my script writing brief, music and the lyrics. How did you find
this process?
I had to adjust a lot of things and glue everything in order to create the video. It’s not easy,
the AI has helped me, but it was a long process and a lot of work.

Now to the End and lines from Kill Time With You, for your mind’s curiosity.
Caught the sky between my fingers
While you were standing there
Deep in contemplation
What are you waiting for

Until next time….. Play on & on

Let's welcome our new '"Members" to the band!

Friends of Rage Unfold, behold; Necessary News 11.

Bozhidar has purchased an acoustic guitar and a 7-string electric guitar.
Hey Bozhidar, myself and friends of Rage Unfold are keen to find out more about those

1. Bozhidar, why do you need a 7-string electric guitar; and how does it enhance Metal
It will boost my playing- definitely. Playing a 7-string guitar is difficult and I always strive for
challenges. I’m also in a trash metal band called “Karma Incident”. The music of the band
requires a 7-string guitar.

2. I was surprised you bought an acoustic guitar as I don’t associate acoustic instruments
with Metal music. I know you have an original acoustic composition on Shorts on your
Bozhidar YouTube channel:
3m8?si=J4vVUVxaHz63vlfD Can you tell us how you will use this guitar in our Metal
songs and what moods you think it will evoke?
I want to develop my skills and I’m currently working on an acoustic instrumental, I’m also
composing my own music which is not only metal related. I’ll learn different styles and techniques, I
want to become one of the best and that’s the way to go... Moreover, this guitar will be used
for the recording of our upcoming ballad song –“Kill Time With You”, it will mainly evoke a
mood of tranquility.

Now to lines from our soon to be released Metal ballad; Kill Time With You.
You’ve waited all your life
While I tread dirty water
Not even aware of
The rope in your hand
Until next time….. Play on & on


Marie-Louise Anastas